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30 Little Things to Celebrate 30 Years

As of this writing, Nicollo is receiving a barrage of messages and calls in celebration of his 30th birthday. So many people are expressing their love and appreciation for this man. How can I not feel my heart bursting with pride for this man I call my husband?

Today, I have not been able to prepare anything special for him, as our festivities are scheduled for the days to follow, but to celebrate his 30 years, I want to share in earnest 30 little learnings (simple, deep, serious & funny) that I've picked up in my relationship with Nicollo that makes him a hero to me as a husband, father and best friend:

  1. Fulfill your promises. Empty promises make you an empty person.

  2. Habits are more important than goals.

  3. Always squeegee the shower enclosure after a shower and you'll never have a problem with watermarks.

  4. Always, always show your appreciation for both small and big things.

  5. Drink tons of water even if you need to pee a lot.

  6. Serve your parents as best you can, and you'll live life with no regrets.

  7. Don't scrimp on your friends.

  8. Be a student for life, and always be willing to expand your mind.

  9. When you commit to something, commit fully!

  10. Drinks are better enjoyed almost frozen.

  11. Don't be afraid to be passionate. It's contagious.

  12. When you play with your kids, be fully present. They'll remember those micro moments forever.

  13. Kids like small, eye-level toys more than big, flashy ones! (his observations of our kids have earned him the self-proclaimed title, Montessori Dad ;) )

  14. Being overdressed is 100x better than being underdressed.

  15. Wipe down your shoes after each use. Your shoes will last twice as long.

  16. When you have a guest over, serve! Don't ask if they want a refreshment or a snack, just give it.

  17. Life is a matter of trade-offs.

  18. It's never too late to build friendships.

  19. Floss!!! And brush your teeth after consuming caffeine.

  20. On special occasions, send something, anything, to loved ones, no matter how small.

  21. Phones down during meals & listen with your whole being.

  22. Be involved in your kids' lives & interests today, now.

  23. Hardships in parenting come in seasons.

  24. A short workout is better than no workout.

  25. Love is an everyday thing.

  26. In marriage, the only competition spouses must be involved in is outdoing their love for each other.

  27. Write it down and you won't forget it!

  28. Dream, but be happy and content in the now.

  29. Material wealth and possessions are meant to be shared.

  30. Success is nothing without anyone to share it with.

Thank you, Nicollo, for being ever so generous, ever so loving, and ever so patient with me and our family! We are proud to share in this milestone year with you, and we celebrate you and all your successes today and everyday!

Happy 30th year, my darling! With you always. ❤️

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