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Our Wedding Day: The Preparations

Ahhh! I finally have all the photos from the wedding from our photographer-friend, Zeus Martinez and I've honestly been taking every chance to look at them again. The photos are so beautiful, and every time I take a peak at them, I'm transported back to February 2nd.

Nicollo and I were engaged last September 17, 2016, the eve of my 23rd birthday, and since then Nicollo and I knew what we wanted: a simple, solemn, and meaningful wedding. We wanted to focus on the ceremony more than anything else, and we wanted to keep the wedding as intimate as we possibly could (despite the massive size of my family), so we had just our nearest and dearest family and friends celebrate with us.

So, that was our "theme", so to speak: simple, solemn and meaningful. Simplicity was my compass in deciding throughout the preparation period.

I hope you enjoy looking through these as much as we have! And I hope simplicity shines through! <3

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