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February 22, 2018

This morning, Nicollo and I fought over lemons.

Since we got married, we agreed that Nicollo would be doing the groceries since his job requires visits to supermarkets anyway. We started this arrangement just this week, and Nicollo bought the first batch of groceries the other day. I prepared a menu and a grocery list (we use Wunderlist. It's been super helpful!) and everything, and I was excited to start our #DomesticedLife. L...

January 2, 2018

A young groom’s take on the whole highly sensationalized ‘last night of freedom’ and why he decided not to jump into the bachelor night bandwagon

Last week, my groomsman stood aghast when I told him that I didn’t want a bachelor party. I’ve been getting the same reaction from all my groomsmen who’ve been laying claim over the coveted evening.

Believe it or not, even my mom has been nudging me in the direction of just having the...

November 6, 2017

I'm pretty sure that not a single person on this planet likes being corrected. Correction or criticism can be something people are generally okay with, but no one actually LOVES it or looks forward to it with delight. And I'm pretty sure that if anyone does, this person probably conditioned him/herself to being okay with correction, and that takes a heck of a lot of time and practice. Positive feedback is always pleasant to he...

October 25, 2017

And in today's standards, we are BABIES. At this point in our lives, we're expected to be ultra-focused on our careers, and build, build, build. 

Which is exactly the course I thought my life would go: graduate from University, get a job in some elite multinational corporation, climb up the corporate ladder, maybe pursue further studies, then get married and settle down. The ideal age for marriage for me was 28 - but even 28 se...

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