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Why Onward & Upward?

I picked up the phrase "Onward & Upward" from a podcast called Happier (dedicated to make you ... happier! Find it here. It's the best!) by Gretchen Rubin. She often ends her podcast with the phrase, and I latched onto it. I love the phrase because it talks about trajectory and movement, which is what I want for my own life. The pace doesn't matter. Big leaps and baby steps are equally important, so long as I keep moving onward & upward -- never backward or downward, never stagnating.

Most importantly, the movement should be purposeful, not just movement for movement's sake. This is why this blog seeks a thorough and complete understanding of different facets of life - Head, Heart, Body and Spirit, because I believe that every facet should be united in this movement.

Join me as I journey through this colorful life -- always onward, always upward.

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